Jump Manual – The Review of #1 Rated Jump Program

Jump Manual – The Review of #1 Rated Jump Program

Hi, I’m Robert, and I created this site to share my information and review about Jacob Hiller Vertical Jump Boosting Program which I gather over the internet and joining this program.

I starting my review by sharing some important information, then share in-depth information regarding this and then conclude my review by sharing Free “Jump Higher in 45 Minutes” Guide (No Email or Payment Require!!)

Additionally I’ve revealed:


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basketball dunkingBasketball is one of the favorite sports of USA. One of the great experiences of life is dunking a ball in the net and everyone wish to enjoy this experience once in his life. It is not very difficult for taller people to dunk the ball into the basket but it become little challenging for shorter guys to dunk the ball. If you are short in height and want to enjoy the excitement of dunking the ball into the basket then you must download Jacob Hiller Jump Increasing program called “Jump Manual”.

What is it?

A Jump Manual program is created by basketball coach Jacob Hiller. This program includes tips and information about increasing vertical jump. Jacob coached numerous athletes and dunkers and with the help of his technique you can add up to 10”. Jacob shares his secret for increasing vertical jump in this program from which you can add 4” inches in just 4-5 days. If you stick to his methods and techniques you will continue adding more and more inches in your jump. There are many boys that increase their vertical jump with the help of Jacob’s program and it is appear on popular sports channel “ESPN”.

Jacob Hiller created a video about his manual, watch it below:

Jump Manual Video


When you start this program you will get list of 9 fundamental points that enforce you to jump higher. It is important to understand these 9 fundamental points because later in this program you are going to work on every fundamental point.

When you buy this program you will get a nutrition plan which includes a diet plan which you need to follow throughout the program. When you are exercising you put stress on your muscle this is the right time to feed proteins to your muscles. This nutrition diet plan focuses on feeding protein right after the workout.

With Jump Manual you will also get workout chart as well as a video series of workout which help you to complete every workout carefully to avoid getting any injury and workout chart will help you to track your progress throughout the program.

Does it work?

I am 5ft 8inch but I previously have trouble in dunking the ball into the basket and one day when I am watching match between Miami Heat vs Charlotte Bobcats I saw Jump Manual and instantly decided to give it a try because I have problems in dunking the ball which affecting my performance. In just 45 days I notice increase of 8 full inches in my jump and start dunking ball in basket easily. Before trying Jacob Hiller program I tried different program to increase my jump but they don’t deliver what they claim. With these programs I hardly gain 2 inches in 45 days. The reason I recommend Jacob’s program is that it focuses on working all nine fundamental points which are necessary for increasing vertical jump.

What you are going to get in this program:

complete package

In this program you going to get complete Jump manual program which include a main PDF guide and lots of training videos, nutrition plan, workout video clips, private forum access, email support and most importantly one-to-one live consultation on Skype with Jacob Hiller. The main PDF is divided into following chapters:

  1. Warning and Cautions (explain some warning tips and cautions tips to avoid and injury)
  2. Introduction (explain how this program works)
  3. Chapter 1 (explain nine fundamental tips to boost vertical jump)
  4. Chapter 2 (explain the theory behind how these nine fundamental tips boost vertical jump)
  5. Chapter 3 (Laws behind vertical jump improvement)
  6. Chapter 4 (explain why you don’t see muscle development in this training)
  7. Chapter 5 (equipments needed for the training but they are optional)
  8. Chapter 6 (explains importance of using jumpers forum)
  9. Chapter 7 (explains some warming up tips and exercises)
  10. Chapter 8 (explains MAX jump increasing workout)
  11. Chapter 9 (process about post-workout)
  12. Chapter 10 (progress and sustained increase)
  13. Glossary (includes pictures and definition)
  14. FAQ

You will also get other videos and short clips which explain the right way to do exercises to avoid injury and increase performance.

Does it include other bonuses?

In this program you will also get two priceless bonuses which are:

  • Interview with NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla: Dave Hopla is currently the Guiness World Record for most 3 pointers in a minute and he also coached Washington Wizards and other athletes such as Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant and Gilbert Arenas. In this interview Dave shared the system he used to train other NBA players. Truly a PRICELESS bonus from Jacob.
  • Interview with Peak Performance Psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn: Dr. Patrick Cohn has experience of 20 years in advising athletes for their mental problem. His articles and tips published on numerous sports magazine and he featured on popular sporting channels like FOX, ESPN and many other channels. During the system he reveal his tips and secrets which he used during the training session with athletes and he also shared advice for coaches and parents that want to increase the jump of their kids and students.

Pros and Cons:

Every program has pros and cons as well. Jump Manual also containing some pros and cons which are define below:


  1. Targets all nine elements of jumping
  2. Based on scientific principles and research
  3. Direct help from professional NBA players and athletes in private forum
  4. Access to nutrition plan that use by professional NBA players and athletes
  5. Complete video series to complete every workout with full efficiency


  1. Not for people that want ‘magical solution’
  2. Need lots of Commitment and Time

Is there is any Guarantee?

Instead of one, Jacob Hiller giving away 2 guarantee if Jump Manual not work for you.

First guarantee is that if you feel you are not getting increase in your vertical jump in 60 days then you can get claim full money back guarantee and second guarantee is that you even not to return the program to Jacob, if you feel it is not working ask for refund and keep the program to yourself. As Simple as That!!

Real Reviews by Real Customer:

This program is supported by thousands of reviews from real users. Here are some I collected



Jump Manual is supported by numerous reviews by the people who used this program and successfully gain increase in their vertical jump. There is no reason why it will not work for you. It is containing complete information that you need to increase your jump. Don’t forget you have full 60 days just to use and apply these principles completely risk free.  Give it a go, there is nothing to lose!! Good Luck and I hope this review help you.

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